Top 10 Facts About Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers is a generation that has often been criticized, catered for, marketed and studied from the period they were just babies. Now they’re enjoying their retirement, furthering their career, or finding care for themselves. The following are 10 facts about Baby Boomers.

1. They are active

Even as they approach retirement, they are not just cleaning out their desks. 13 percent of Baby Boomers are delaying their retirement just to stay active, and nearly half of them plan to actively to travel after retirement.


2. They’re Confident

Baby Boomers are independent, self-reliant and confident. They grew up in an era of reform, and believe that they have the power to change the world. They aren’t afraid of confrontation and won’t hesitate to challenge status quo or authority.


3. They’re Mobile

Mobile marketing isn’t just limited to Generation X and millennials. 89 percent of Boomers have mobile phones, and 13 percent have ditched completely their landline. They are also five times as likely as the rest of the population to own iPad and/or other tablets.


4. They’re Thrifty

While not cheap, this generation does not believe in needlessly spending their money. 79 percent of Baby Boomers believe store brands are an ideal alternative to popular name brands.


5. Values Matter

Just like millennials, Baby Boomers also mix religion and politics when making purchase decisions. 36 percent have actively boycotted a brand because of political or social stance.


6. They’re Social

Do not think that strong social media presence is just limited to the millennials and Generation X. The average boomer has some 124 Facebook friends.


7. They Still Have Influence

Several Boomers are still very energetic and active, for instance, Jerry Seinfeld (1954), Stevie Nicks(1948), and George Clooney (1961). Though aging, this does not imply they are necessarily slowing down. They are expected to influence this world for many years to come.


8. They’re Sensible

Boomers are little more pragmatic than millennials. 80 percent purchase decision among this generation are influenced by practical reasons.


9. They Are Highly Educated

Colorado, at 69.6 percent, has the highest percentage of Baby Boomers having at least some college education. And in top 10 states where they possess some college experience, they are over 50 percent, according to AARP reports.


10. They Are Prone to Hepatitis C

This might not be fun. However, according to CDC, Boomers are 5 times more likely to be infected with Hepatitis C compared with other generation. Because this condition often takes years to show symptoms, they are encouraged to get a blood test.


The above are some top facts about Baby Boomers. What comes out is that this generation is still active, despite their age. They also exhibit some traits like being pragmatic when making their decisions.